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Stanford University

Welcome to c-ShARP!

The Community of Shared Advanced Research Platforms.

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c-ShARP is re-imagining shared facilities spanning science, engineering, medicine, and sustainability with new research platforms that are simultaneously accessible and advanced -- allowing for frontier research in collaborative, interconnected, state-of-the art facilities that bridge traditional Departmental and School boundaries and amplify the University mission of research, education, and translation. 

Today’s and tomorrow’s biggest challenges -- ranging from plastics upcycling to personalized health, quantum computing, sustainability, and space exploration -- require outstanding, well-run facilities.  Stanford was an early leader in developing models for shared facilities, but the scale, interdisciplinarity, and team-based nature of research today demand yet greater coordination and planning.  To enable the next big breakthrough, c-ShARP coordinates ideas and investments to advance and democratize access to modern, state-of-the-art instrumentation and scientific/technical staff, allowing users to craft the most bold, innovative, rigorous experiments that advance human knowledge.  We imagine a new paradigm for fundamental and translational research platforms with cutting-edge, inter-connected, coordinated infrastructure for world-changing research.