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Working Groups

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Enriching the Undergraduate and Graduate learning experience by leveraging Shared Resources to support a coherent educational mission at Stanford. We envision building an equitable, “library” like model to access shared resources – providing curriculum and grant-writing support, materials, lectures, online training, hands-on experiences, and tailored “helpdesk” consultation – to facilitate research progress and promote real-world skills to prepare students for successful careers at Stanford and beyond. Read about our Experiential Learning program in the Stanford Report

Data Ecosystems

Access to information enables researchers to be more productive and shared facilities’ staff to better support them. The Data Ecosystem Working Group (led by Mary Tang and Jon Mulholland) aims to expand existing and create new information pathways to connect researchers, facilities’ staff, equipment, and knowledge, that democratize access to data and intelligence to use it...


With c-ShARP serving as a hub for Service Centers and researchers, the Operations group will develop the infrastructure to centralize Administrative and Financial services for Shared Resources, coordinate c-ShARP Membership and Recruitment, and build a Central Portal for marketing Shared Resource services/events.


Developing and maintaining state-of-the-art shared facilities requires anticipating instrumentation, staffing, and infrastructure needs, in order to plan and capitalize on large capital investments and opportunities.  The Roadmap Working Group will develop a multi-year vision for shared facilities so that our collective needs can be communicated, to each other and to our senior leadership.