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Data Ecosystems

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Access to information enables researchers to be more productive and shared facilities’ staff to better support them. The Data Ecosystem Working Group (led By Mary Tang and Jon Mulholland) aims to expand existing and create new information pathways to connect researchers, facilities’ staff, equipment, and knowledge, that democratize access to data and intelligence to use it... 

...Specifically, this group will explore, define, and coordinate data needs across facilities, and engage with CORES on Open Science practices with the aim of supporting improvements in data handling related to 1. Facility (experimental) data and 2. Facility management.  As we build the shared facilities community, we will survey current models of data handling, and identify current bottlenecks/pain points.  The scope of the Data Ecosystem Working Group is expected to include the following:

Experimental data:

  • Protocols and reproducibility
  • Open collaborations and data mobility
  • Management and security
  • Infrastructure: networks and servers

Facility management data:

  • Publication tracking
  • Resource tracking (ORCID/RRIDs)
  • Laboratory management systems (LIMs)
  • Website (data) management
  • Facility benchmarking
  • Rate setting