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The Education Working Group (led by Allis Chien and Ryan Leib) aims to leverage Shared Resources to enrich the Undergraduate and Graduate learning experience, supporting a coherent educational mission at Stanford. We envision building an equitable, “library” like model to access shared resources – providing curriculum and grant-writing support, materials, lectures, online training, hands-on experiences, and tailored “helpdesk” consultation – to facilitate research progress and promote real-world skills to prepare students for successful careers at Stanford and beyond. Initial and longer-range efforts include the following:

  • Track success of the experiential learning pilot program supporting Stanford curriculum in academic year '21-'22 and refining for future years
  • Champion and secure funding for central helpdesk & hands-on workshops, developed & deployed by shared resources
  • Conduct ethnography & landscape survey to identify a centralized framework for accessible online educational materials
  • Promote grantsmanship – starting with a centralized “library” of boilerplate text on shared resources to drop into proposals – and expanding to cover other best practices for successful funding