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c-ShaRP Voucher Proposal Format

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All Stanford faculty and staff are eligible to apply.  The proposal should be submitted online at, where you will be asked to enter the below information.

 1. Primary applicant:  Stanford faculty and staff are eligible to apply.  Only one primary applicant per proposal is allowed. 

2. Co-applicants:   Anyone can be included as a co-applicant, including a primary applicant of another proposal.  One of the co-applicants must represent the shared facility that will house the proposed instrument (e.g., faculty director, facility manager, technical staff). Co-applicants are limited to serving on a maximum of three proposals.

3. Brief title: Keep to under 60 characters.

4. Oversight shared facility and school:  Indicate the shared facility that you intend to access services. 

5. Proposal:  Upload PDF
5i) Title page: 

  • Proposal title
  • Applicant and co-PIs/collaborators names, departments, and e-mail addresses
  • Requested service description
  • Total budget request
  • Equipment needed for research
  • Proposed home facility, and facility director/point-of-contact
  • Oversight School of the shared facility

5ii) Narrative

For proposals: Not to exceed 2 pages of text and figures using single spaced, Arial or Helvetica 11 point font. References can be included on a third page.

  • Purpose (1 sentence): The aim(s) and objective(s) of the research. 
  • Introduction/Overview:  Describe research needs. In describing the need, consider such factors as new research directions, and increased accessibility. Also describe any alignment with current Departments, Centers, or Shared Facilities Service Centers. 
  • Impact/Intellectual Merit: Describe the risks to your research presented in absence of the shared facility resources requested in this proposal. Describe the breadth of impact, such as: multi-disciplinary, research area/scope, education, and/or translation.

6. Budget: The budget should include estimates for the cost for services to be provided by the shared facility.  Please use rates published by the shared facility in preparing your budget. We strongly advise that you work closely with the shared facility staff to prepare the budget.  You can use the following c-ShaRP Voucher Budget Template as a guide but we will accept any budget format that you submit.

7. Instrument details (if applicable): Provide details of the instrument needed for your research and an estimate of cost (if known). 

8. Supporting information (e.g., list of users in your lab, post docs, students (graduate, undergraduate).