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FY24 c-ShaRP Voucher Inaugural Awards

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Inaugural FY24 c-ShaRP Voucher Awards

PI (First Last)PI - AffiliationProposal TitleParticipating Shared Facility(ies)
Tobias LanzImmunology and Reumatology, SoMDetermining the Molecular Structure of GlialCAM to Understand its Function in Neurodegeneration and AutoimmunityThe Macromolecular Structure Knowledge Center (MSKC) at Sarafan ChEM-H
Leora, Dresselhaus-MaraisMaterials Science and Engineering, SoEAtomic mechanisms of iron oxide whiskering in hydrogen-based direct reductionStanford Nano Shared Facility (SNSF)
Danielle, MaiChemical Engineering, SoEMultiplexed fabrication of transparent biomimetic nanodevicesStanford Nanofabrication Facility (SNF)
Capucine, van-Rechem*Pathology (Pathology Research), SoMDirect roles of mSWI/SNF’s ATPases in translationMacromolecular Structure Knowledge Center, (MSKC) Sarafan ChEM-H
Cameron, EllisPsychology, H&SRobust sequence for Magnetic Resonance Imaging awake infantsCenter for Cognitive and Neurobiological Imaging (CNI)
Ayelet, VoskoboynikBiology, H&SCharacterization of BHF: a Gene that Controls Self/Non-Self RecognitionThe Macromolecular Structure Knowledge Center (MSKC) at Sarafan ChEM-H
Florentine, RutaganiraBiochemistry and of Developmental Biology, H&SIlluminating Subcellular Phosphotyrosine Signaling in ChoanoflagellatesCell Sciences Imaging Facility (CSIF); Stanford Shared FACS facility (SSFF)
Kyle, DanielsGenetics, SoMHigh-throughput engineering of receptors and signaling adapters to program anti-tumor immune cellsStanford Shared FACS facility (SSFF)
Mudit, TrivediAnthropology, SDSSMultianalytical investigations into Archaeological glass: SEM & stable-isotope insights into premodern South Asian glass alchemyMicrochemical Analysis Facility; Electron Microprobe LabEnvironmental Scanning Electron MicroscopeStable Isotope Biogeochemistry lab (SIBL)
Ryann, FameNeurosurgery, SoMIdentifying developmental origins of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) proteinsGene Vector and Viral core (GVVC); Sci3; Stanford University Mass Spectrometry (SUMS)
Beverley, McKeonMechanical Engineering, SoEFusing the laboratory and high-performance computing: tools for real-time complex flow observation, estimation and manipulationStanford High Performance Computing Center (HPCC)
Wen-Jun, Shen*Cardiovascular Medicine, SoMLC-MS analysis of 12,13-diHOME in mice serum at Stanford Mass Spectrometry CoreStanford University Mass Spectrometry (SUMS)
Sabine, HeitzenederInstructor, Stanford Institutes of Medicine, SoMDevelop TCR-based immunotherapies for childhood cancer by scTCRseqHuman Immune Monitoring Center (HIMC)
William, GoodyerPediatrics (Cardiology), SoMValidation of Cntn2-800: A Novel Optical Imaging Tool to Visualize the Cardiac Conduction SystemNeuroscience Microscopy Service (NMS)
Gozde, Durmus*Radiology (Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford), SoMA Microgravity-on-Chip Platform for Protein CrystallizationMacromolecular Structure Knowledge Center (MSKC)
Craig, Levin*Radiology (Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford/Nuclear Medicine) and, by courtesy, of Physics, of Electrical Engineering and of BioengineeringExploring multiplexed PET imaging with initial applications in immune checkpoint inhibitor therapyStanford Center for Innovation and In vivo Imaging (SCi3)
Steven, CorselloOncology and, by courtesy, of Chemical and Systems Biology, SoMIdentifying the molecular target of an anti-pancreatic cancer compoundProtein and Nucleic Acid (PAN) Biotechnology Facility
Ruth, HuttenhainMolecular and Cellular Physiology, SoMFluorescent assay for G-protein coupled receptor traffickingStanford University Cell Sciences Imaging Core Facility (CSIF), Shriram Center;Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting Facility (FACS), Beckman Center
Nicolas, AltemoseGenetics, SoMHuman Satellite DNA arrays as a novel hub for Hippo transcription factors YAP and TEADStanford Neuroscience Microscopy Service
Hawa Racine, ThiamBioengineering and of Microbiology and ImmunologyMimicking and manipulating immune cells microenvironments.The Microfluidic Foundry